Donate Now to Change the Course of a Person's Life!

REAL LIFE Borrowers Tell Their Story

Donate Now to Change the Course of a Person's Life! image




REAL LIFE Borrowers Tell Their Story

Can you help those impacted by challenging financial times?

The world is changing. Most people's needs have not. We all need a safe home, nutritious food and life filled with dignity. Our loan programs offer borrowers flexibility ~ 0% Interest, No-Fee Loans with custom pay back terms. We work one-on-one with our borrows to ensure their needs are met.

Whether we help someone stay in their home, consolidate their debt or provide funds for food, know that YOUR donation dollars support OUR Jewish community members and their families.

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Gratitude. Relief. Financial Stability. Read what our borrowers have to say:

"I was embarrassed. I was behind on my bills including RENT! The landlord needed to be paid. Then I found out about JIFLA! They helped me get caught up and set up a repayment plan that * I * can handle. So glad I called JIFLA!" M. JIFLA Borrower

"I am unemployed like millions of people and filed for unemployment. I have exactly $160 to my name and am terrified to even buy food or pick up medicine." L. JIFLA Borrower

"I finally got a new job, but I won't get my first paycheck for 1 month. I have $45. Panic set in. Then I called JIFLA. They helped with rent and food. I have a plan and and I'm looking foward to my first paycheck!" M. JIFLA Borrower